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  • “Star Trek Romulan Star Navy Kerchan Class” free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper

    Star Trek Romulan Star Navy Kerchan Class. Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download

    Star Trek Romulan Star Navy Kerchan Class.
    Free Star Trek computer desktop wallpaper, images, pictures download.

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    Pride of the Romulan Star Empire: Kerchan Class Navy Fleet …

    During a conflict with the Federation in 2380, Kerchan Class dreadnaught vessels were developed by the Romulan Star Empire to bolster its front battle lines. Riding from the success of the Norexan class as diplomatic and scientific vessels, the D’dedirex Class was updated into the present Kerchan vessels. Designed to be one of the strongest combat ships in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, they were also built as a response to the fearsome Negh’Var Class battleships, which were the pride and joy of the Klingon empire. The Excalibur class of the Federation is also considered to be equivalent to Kerchan vessels.

    Kerchan ships were first commissioned around 2368, and the first such vessel, the IRW Kerchan, was completed in 2372. This then underwent shakedown during the next three years, where bugs were fixed and small problems were fine-tuned. In early 2376, the new class was finally put into production.

    These massive ships are around 1500m long, 879m across, and 447m high, with a mass of 6,489,300 metric tons. One ship also has 100 decks and is manned by 1,900 crew members. In terms of warp speed, normal cruise is 8.8, maximum cruise is 9.92, and maximum rated is 9.965 for ten hours.

    Based on the known weapons that the Kerchan vessels possess, they were certainly designed to collapse the shields of military installations such as very powerful stations and outposts. Kerchan vessels have at least 12 plasma torpedo tubes 8 high power disruptor turrets, and 22 high power pulse disruptor cannons. Its defenses include 5,700,000 TJ capacity regenerative shields and 25cm Ablative Armor. Cloaking and maneuverability have also been markedly improved as compared to the D’dedirex Class vessels. It is not certain if they have the ability to fire weapons when cloaked. Speed and science seem to have been sacrificed in order to make room for vastly improved tactical features. However, the specific abilities of Kerchan class vessels are not widely known due to the secrecy in which they were developed by the Romulans. It is rumored that the developers of Kerchan class vessels also made use of the s4 torpedo tube, sealed plasma torpedo, and are even capable of slip-stream technology. Most of the intelligence available is from intelligence operatives aboard the Enterprise E when they paid Romulus a visit for a diplomatic mission.

    On a whole, Kerchan Class ships were seen to be very effective in the Elorg conflict, unlike D’dedirex Class ships, which suffered heavy losses in the Dominion War. The Romulan flagship vessel in the Dominion War, the IRW D’Rithau, belonged to the Kerchan class. It was eventually destroyed when it was swarmed by more than fifty Dominion Attack Ships, or Jem’Hadar fighters. A new ship was then constructed and given the same name as the former flagship.

    A Star Trek Romulan Star Navy Kerchan Class free wallpaper is an easy way to add majesty to your desktop. Every time you turn on your computer, you can marvel at these ships that are at the cutting edge of Romulan technology, and which will still be in production for a long time to come.

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